18 year old girl from the Czech Republic, shy, indecisive, melancholic, stubborn, moody, honest, naive dreamer, who loves dogs, rock music, playing the piano, reading, taking photos, sleeping, watching movies, TUMBLR,...
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I’m not a perfect person, I make a lot of mistakes… but still, I love those people who stay with me after knowing how I really am.

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I’m not mad. I’m hurt. There’s a difference.

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She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars.

 Neil GaimanStardust (via feellng)

I’ve survived a lot of things, and I’ll probably survive this.

J.D. Salinger (via thedapperproject)

In the world I am
Always a stranger
I do not understand its language
It does not understand my silence

Bei Dao (via feellng)

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